This is a massive update… We’ve addressed your top wish list items addressed in this update.


  • Search added. You can now search the Gallery by artist, location, art title, description and hashtags. Even partial word searches!
  • ‘Near me’ toggle button added. It sorts the Gallery by ‘closest first’ and shows a distance indicator on each thumbnail.
  • We replaced the old 4:3 image tiles with squared ones
  • Pull to refresh added
  • Total # of art pieces displayed under Tagr logo at the top
  • New color scheme!
  • Smarter image handling, resulting in blazing fast thumbnail load times
  • Whenever you scroll down, tap Tagr logo to return to the top
  • Easter Egg time… Swipe the Tagr logo left or right to adjust the # of columns

Art Detail

  • Aspect correct images (yay!)
  • Another Easter Egg… Tap on image to zoom in. Flick the image in any direction to get out of zoom mode.
  • Donate buttons moved to Artist Detail screen. Note: The Donate buttons will only work if the Artist entered their Paypal email.


  • Only pins in the viewable area are now loaded, resulting in dramatically faster load times
  • Search added. How to use: Enter a search term, then zoom out and scroll around on the map to find matches


  • No more cropping of photos issue!
  • Added “Do not map” toggle button. Tap this to prevent Tagr from storing the location of your photo
  • After tagging, the app takes you straight to the Gallery (it still takes about a minute for your photo to appear in the Gallery – we’re working on speeding this up!)


  • Same Easter Egg as above: Swipe logo left/right to adjust columns


  • Paypal Email field added. Artists, be sure to enter your Paypal email to enable receiving donations.
  • Website field added. Enter any link. This link will show up on your Artist Detail screen.
  • Logout bug fixed

As always, we look forward to your feedback.